What is Bhulekh Telangana? How to Access it Online?

BHULEKH TELANGANA |Dharani is an Integrated Land Records Management Portal operated by the Telangana Government (TS). Maa Bhoomi Telangana’s official website provides a simple platform for the people of the state to acquire information on land records in all municipalities. Dharani also offers a variety of revenue and registration services to inhabitants of the state.

Bhulekh Telangana: What is Telangana Bhulekh & How to Access it Online?

Here is the procedure for checking land records in Telangana using the state’s online portal.

  • Navigate to the Telangana Dharani Portal on the internet. Select ‘Registered Document Details’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the data such as District, SRO, Book Type, Registration Year, and Document No. on the redirected page. 3. Enter the captcha and press the ‘Submit’ button. The reset option will allow you to re-enter all of your information.

Documents ROR-1B & Dharani Telangana Pahani Via Khata or Survey Number

Using the Khata number, go through these procedures to evaluate the ROR-1B and Pahani papers.

  • Navigate to the Telangana land records site on the internet. Select the ‘Land Status’ option.
  • Enter the details such as District, Division, Mandal, Village, and Captcha code on the redirected page.
  • Select a Khata no. and a Survey/Sub-division no. Click on the ‘Get Details’ button. Pahani data will be shown.

How to Check Bhulekh Telangana Land Records Online

Check the progress of your application on the Maa Bhumi site using these procedures.

  • Navigate to the land registry’s website. Select the ‘Know Your Application Status’ link.
  • Enter the Application Number as well as the Registration Number. Enter the captcha code and then press the ‘Submit’ button.

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How to Register on the Dharani Portal

The following are the procedures to sign up for the Dharani Portal.

  • The first step in signing up for the Dharani portal is to visit the website. Select the ‘Sign Up’ option.
  • On the new page, input your name, mobile number, email address, address details, state, district, Mandal, village, and city.
  • When you click the ‘Get OTP’ button, an SMS with a code will be delivered to the registered phone number.

When you join the Dharani portal, you will have access to the services listed below.


  • Provide Land Valuation Certificate
  • Mutation/Succession services
  • Provide Agriculture Income Certificate
  • Land Conversion/NALA services


  • Provide Certified Copy of Land Documents
  • Duty and Fee Calculator
  • Payment of Registration Services and Stamps Services
  • Booking and rescheduling of slots
  • Application Tracker
  • View Receipt and Unit Rates
  • Market Value Assistance
  • Group Registration and data entry by the public
  • Encumbrance Certificate Search

Procedure for Logging into the Dharani Portal

To access the Dharani portal, take the following steps:

  • Click the ‘Login’ button on the homepage.
  • Select a username and password, as well as a user type. If the user chooses the ‘User Type’ option, he or she must provide his or her cellphone number and password.
  • As soon as the details are supplied, click ‘Login.’

Dharani Portal for EC

To get an Encumbrance Certificate, visit the Dharani website (EC).

Web land Certified Copy of the Telangana Process

To obtain a certified copy of your form, follow the procedures below:

  • Go to Telangana’s official website and click on the government form link.
  • Select the desired form from the list of forms displayed on this page.
  • Complete the form with your information. Complete the form. The form is available for download. The form is available for download.
  • Gather the necessary papers and submit them together with the form to the nearest tehsil.
  • You will receive a certified copy of the documents shortly.

Report on Land Distribution

To obtain the land allocation report, complete the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of Telangana. Select the link to the land-sharing report.
  • Fill up the blanks with the relevant information, then click the “Generate” button.
  • The printer sends this information to a folder on your PC.

How do I access registered papers online?

To access the registered papers online using the Dharani site, follow the procedures below:

  • Go to the Telangana Record’s website.
  • Enter the district name, sub-registrar office information, document number, book category, and registration year.
  • Enter ‘Captcha’ and click ‘Send.’

Viewing the map on the Dharani Portal

  • You must go to the official website and then click on the GIS link on the homepage.
  • A new page will appear before you enter the Mandal, Village, District, and Division.
  • After inputting the aforementioned information, a map of your nation appears on your screen.

How to Get the Dharani Portal for Different Forms

  • To begin, go to Dharani’s official website. On the site, click the download button.
  • You must now select the form category you wish to download. Sales contracts, mortgages, and gifts are all examples of legal documents.
  • The documents offered include a lease, a release deed, and a Download 32-A form.
  • Navigate to the form by clicking on the link. You will successfully download the form to your computer.

On the Dharani Portal, look for the Sub-Register Office (SRO).

To locate an SRO on the Dharani site, the following procedures must be taken:

  • To view your SRO on the internet, go to the “Know Your SRO” section and click the “Know Your SRO” option.
  • Select a district, Mandal, and town/township.
  • To view the Jurisdiction SROs, click the ‘Search’ button.

How to Use the Dharani Portal to Determine the Market Value of Telangana

Currently, the facility is solely accessible for farming. To validate the market value of land parcels, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Dharani site and choose ‘Agriculture.’
  • Select ‘View Market Value of Lands for Stamp Duty’ from the drop-down menu. You will be redirected to a new page.
  • Select District, Mandal, Village, or City from the drop-down menu, then click “Fetch.”
  • The market value is displayed on the screen.

Frequently asked questions

In Telangana, how can I check my land record online?

Navigate to the Land Registry’s website. Select the option

Is the Dharani portal limited to agricultural land?

Only agricultural land is now offered for services on the Dharani site.

How can I go about applying for Dharani?

The first step to getting to the Dharani portal is to go to this website.
Select the ‘Sign Up’ option. On the new page, enter your name, phone number, e-mail address, state, district, village, and town.
When you select ‘Get OTP,’ the registered phone number receives a text message containing the code.

What exactly is GPA in the Dharani portal?

After registering with GPA in Dharani, Pattadar will be able to sell all or a subset of the surveys in his passbook.

Is Dharani required?

Dharani registration is required for agricultural land.

What papers are required for Dharani?

PAN card, Aadhaar card, Pattadar passbook (agricultural land), Encumbrance certificate, Power of attorney, original papers signed, Address proof, Property Photograph, Demand draft/bank challan, Section 32A photo form

List of Bhulekh Website State Wise

In order to access details of land records, you need to visit the official website of your state government. Every state has its own Bhulekh Website for this purpose.

Below is the list of Bhulekh Websites state-wise:

StateBhulekh NameBhulekh Website
Andhra PradeshMeebhoomihttp://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in
BiharLRC Bihar Bhumihttp://lrc.bih.nic.in
ChhattisgarhBhuiyan Chhattisgarhhttps://bhuiyan.cg.nic.in
DelhiIndraprastha Bhulekh Delhihttps://dlrc.delhigovt.nic.in/
HaryanaJamabandi Haryanahttps://jamabandi.nic.in
Himachal PradeshHimbhoomihttp://admis.hp.nic.in
Kerala E-Rekhahttp://erekha.kerala.gov.in
Madhya PradeshMP Bhulekhhttp://www.landrecords.mp.gov.in
OdishaBhulekh Odishahttp://bhulekh.ori.nic.in
PunjabJamabandi Punjabhttps://jamabandi.punjab.gov.in
RajasthanApna Khatahttp://apnakhata.raj.nic.in
Tamil NaduPatta Chittahttps://eservices.tn.gov.in
TelanganaBhulekh Telanganahttps://dharani.telangana.gov.in
Uttar PradeshBhulekh UPhttp://upbhulekh.gov.in
UttarakhandBhulekh UKhttp://bhulekh.uk.gov.in 
West BengalBanglarbhumihttps://banglarbhumi.gov.in
List of Bhulekh Website State Wise