The Two Frogs Short Story In English With Moral For Kids

“The Two Frogs Short Story” is a heartwarming tale that teaches young readers a valuable lesson about never giving up, no matter how difficult the situation may seem. Set in a quaint village, this story follows two frogs whose day of fun exploration leads them into an unexpected and challenging predicament.

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As they face the real danger of drowning in a bucket of milk, their reactions to the crisis teach us about the power of persistence and the importance of keeping hope alive. This story, beloved by children, is not only entertaining but also imparts a crucial life lesson in an engaging and memorable way.

The Two Frogs Short Story: A Journey of Perseverance

In this uplifting tale, two frogs accidentally fall into a bucket of milk and struggle to escape. While both initially try to jump out, one soon loses hope and gives up, ultimately sinking and meeting a sad end. However, the other frog refuses to stop struggling, continuously kicking and paddling in the milk. His persistent efforts turn the milk into butter, creating a solid platform from which he finally leaps to safety. This story vividly illustrates the power of perseverance and the importance of maintaining hope and effort, even in seemingly dire situations.

The Two Frogs Full Story with Dialogues

Once upon a time, in a small village, two frogs were out exploring on a warm, sunny day. They hopped and leapt around, enjoying the sunshine and exploring all the interesting nooks of the countryside. As they wandered, they came across a farm and curiously jumped around, looking at all the farm animals and the different parts of the farm.

The Two Frogs Full Story with Dialogues
The Two Frogs Full Story with Dialogues

As they continued their adventure, they accidentally slipped and fell into a large bucket that was filled with milk. At first, they didn’t realize the trouble they were in. The bucket was deep, and the sides were slippery, making it impossible for them to climb out. They started to panic as they struggled to keep their heads above the surface of the milk.

Determined not to drown, both frogs began to paddle and kick as hard as they could. They kept moving, hoping to find a way out. After some time, one of the frogs started to feel very tired. He began to lose hope and said to his friend, “It’s no use. We’re going to drown anyway. I can’t keep going like this.” Despite his friend’s pleas to keep trying, the first frog gave up and was exhausted. He stopped kicking and soon sank to the bottom of the bucket.

The other frog, however, refused to give up. He was determined to survive and continued to kick and splash with all his might. His movements in the milk started to churn the milk into butter. Gradually, a small clump of butter formed, and he found that he could rest on it. Encouraged by this small success, he increased his efforts, paddling and kicking even harder.

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Finally, after what seemed like hours of relentless effort, enough butter had formed that it provided a solid platform. With a few more jumps, he managed to leap out of the bucket to safety. Exhausted but alive, the frog looked back at the bucket and realized that his survival was due to his refusal to give up.

Moral of The Two Frogs Short Story

The moral of “The Two Frogs Short Story” is about the importance of perseverance and never giving up in the face of adversity. While one frog gave up and succumbed to his fate, the other frog’s persistent efforts not only saved his life but also transformed his situation from hopeless to victorious. This story teaches children that even when situations seem dire, continuing to struggle and not losing hope can lead to unexpected solutions and ultimately, success. It encourages a mindset of resilience and determination, showing that problems can often be overcome by staying active and refusing to give up.


What challenge did the two frogs face?

The two frogs faced the challenge of being trapped in a deep bucket of milk from which they could not escape.

How did the persistent frog manage to survive?

The persistent frog survived by continually kicking and paddling in the milk until it turned into butter, which allowed him to hop out.

What does the story teach about attitude towards challenges?

The story teaches that maintaining a positive attitude and continuing to try can lead to solutions, even in seemingly impossible situations.

How can this story apply to everyday life for kids?

This story can help kids understand the importance of not giving up when facing their own challenges, whether in school, sports, or personal goals.

Why is perseverance important, according to the story?

Perseverance is important as it can lead to unexpected solutions and success, much like how the frog’s continuous efforts changed his fate.

Summary of The Two Frogs Short Story

“The Two Frogs Short Story” is an inspiring fable that teaches valuable life lessons through a simple but powerful narrative. It encourages children to persist through difficulties with a hopeful heart and a relentless spirit, emphasizing that sometimes, the difference between failure and success is just a matter of continuing to push forward. This story is a wonderful tool for parents and educators to help instil resilience and a positive outlook in young minds.