View Bhuiyan Chhattisgarh Land Records Online

BHUIYAN CHHATTISGARH: Chhattisgarh is one of the states that has digitized its land records in order to better manage them and make them available to the public. The Bhuiyan CG portal, commonly known as the state government’s Bhulekh software, hosts CG land data online. The Bhuiyan site has eliminated the need for the ordinary man to physically visit the Tehsildar office in order to get land-related papers by giving free online access to property records.

The site allows users to view their Khasra information, P-II and B-I applications with digital signatures, an online map, nakal land details, khasra details, and land transfer information. The National Council of Applied Economic Research placed Chhattisgarh among the top states in terms of land-record digitalization and efficiency in February 2020. Citizens may view the complete land record on their mobile phones by installing the Bhuiyan app from the Google Play store. Here’s how to access online land records on Chhattisgarh’s Bhuiyan portal.

Khasra (P-II) and Khatauni may be found on the official Bhuiyan website (B-I). You can view these papers by following the procedures outlined below.

  • Go to the official website of Bhuiyan.
  • Navigate to the Nagrik Suvidha tab and select the ‘Khasra’ option.
  • Fill out the information in the fields for the district name, village, and tehsil.
  • Select the ‘Khasra Var’ option to examine the property details.

How to Examine Bhu Naksha on CG Bhuiyan

  • Navigate to the Bhuiyan site and select the ‘Naksha Dekhe/Map view’ tab. Select the district, tehsil, village, and income inspectors now.
  • By clicking on the khatauni number on the village map, you may get the map report, P-II, and BI details. A copy of the map may be printed at the chosen scale.

How to view CG Land Records on the Bhuiyan Portal

You can see information by selecting (P-II) or (B-I). While P-II represents khasra, B-I is written in khatauni.

  • Go to the CG Bhuiyan official website at Select the ‘Khasra Vivaran’ option from the ‘Nagarik Suvifhas’ menu.
  • On the redirected page, fill out all of the information, including the district, tehsil, and village name. After you choose the ‘Khasra Var’ tab, the property details will show on the screen. Details may be accessed by clicking on any portion of the landowner’s name.

How can I get digitally signed copies of PII and BI papers from Bhuiyan?

  • Go to the Bhuiyan official website at Select the ‘digitally signed Bi/P-II application’ from the ‘Nagarik Suvifhas’ menu.
  • On the redirected page, you may obtain information by’selecting the village’ or ‘entering the village number.’

Using the Village Name

By way of Village Number

  • To obtain the information, enter all of the necessary details such as khasra, name, cellphone number, and email address and click on the ‘report’ button.

In Chhattisgarh, how do you verify Mutation Property?

The following are the actions you must take to test the mutation property:

  • Visit Bhuiyan’s website. Under the ‘Civil Liberties’ section, choose “Mutation register print.”
  • Select ‘District,’ ‘Tehsil,’ and ‘Gram’ from the relevant drop-down menus. Fill in the blanks below the measles number.
  • Select the ‘Report view’ option. The mutation property’s details can be examined.

How can I get the CG Bhuiyan app?

Downloading the Bhuiyan app provides citizens with access to the complete mobile country record. You may get the Bhuiyan Android app from the Google Play Store.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find my Khasra number in Chhattisgarh?

Log in to the official Bhuiyan website at The Khasra tab is accessible via the Nagrik Suvidha tab. Simply click on it. On the following page, you must fill in the names of your district, village, and city. When the Khasra Var tab is chosen, the property data will be presented on the screen. The information is displayed by any portion of the property owner’s name.

In Chhattisgarh, how can I check my land register online?

Go to Bhuiyan’s website and choose Details of Mass under Civil Liberties.
Select District, Tehsil, and Gram from the relevant drop-down menus. Choose the measle number.
The general information is presented on your screen. For further details, please see the See tab, Tax Details on the Property Included in Measles, or Details for Measles Pre-Registration.

In Chhattisgarh, how can I obtain my land map (bhu naksha)?

Click the Naksha Dekhe/Map view tab on the Bhuiyan site. You may now choose the district, tehsil, and village inspectors. To view the map report and P-II and BI information, click on the khatauni number on the village map. The map may be printed at the chosen scale.

In Chhattisgarh, how can I verify my land record?

Details about Mass may be found on Bhuiyan’s website under Civil Liberties. Select District, Tehsil, and Gram from the drop-down menus. Select the measle number. Your screen will display general information. More information may be found by clicking the See tab, Tax details on the measles-listed property, or Details for measles pre-registration.

List of Bhulekh Website State Wise

In order to access details of land records, you need to visit the official website of your state government. Every state has its own Bhulekh Website for this purpose.

Below is the list of Bhulekh Websites state-wise:

StateBhulekh NameBhulekh Website
Andhra PradeshMeebhoomi
BiharLRC Bihar Bhumi
ChhattisgarhBhuiyan Chhattisgarh
DelhiIndraprastha Bhulekh Delhi
HaryanaJamabandi Haryana
Himachal PradeshHimbhoomi
Kerala E-Rekha
Madhya PradeshMP Bhulekh
OdishaBhulekh Odisha
PunjabJamabandi Punjab
RajasthanApna Khata
Tamil NaduPatta Chitta
TelanganaBhulekh Telangana
Uttar PradeshBhulekh UP
UttarakhandBhulekh UK 
West BengalBanglarbhumi
List of Bhulekh Website State Wise