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The state government of Tamilnadu has developed a centralized digital portal to create a database of all the schools in the state with the students & faculty (Both teaching & non-teaching). Schools can use this portal to provide vital information to the state education department by uploading it online on the official website or TN EMIS APP. The state government is providing training modules, online courses, learning videos & other resources to the students online through the TN EMIS Website.

Teachers can use the TN EMIS Teachers Platform to provide high-quality education material online to students. Every school in the state is allotted a unique eight-digit code known as the EMIS Number. Both teachers & students can use the TN EMIS Portal. Find out all there is to know about the TN EMIS Portal right here, including its main features, goals, how it operates, what advantages it offers, how to sign up, and how to access your account.

TN EMIS School Portal | TN Emis Update

TN EMIS Update | Earlier this year, the government of Tamil Nadu launched the TN EMIS Portal to provide its citizens with the greatest possible education. All students’ primary data is stored in one easily accessible location. The education department of the government of Tamil Nadu has charged all teachers with providing students with the best education possible. All teachers should review their lesson plans and textbooks before the first day of class. Even kids get the occasional request to double-check their schoolwork. Everyone involved, including instructors, must do this. The Tamil Nadu Teachers Platform (TNTP) is a government-run platform for K-12 education in the state, and it has many helpful e-learning resources.

TN EMIS School Login | EMIS Exam Login | TN Emis Update | TN EMIS Teachers Platform | TN EMIS Attendance App | TN EMIS New Version | TN EMIS School Portal
TN EMIS School Login

Key Highlights of

NameTN EMIS – Tamil Nadu Educational Management Information System
StateTamil Nadu, India
BeneficiariesTeachers & Students of the state.
ObjectiveTo provide its citizens with the most excellent possible education
Helpline Number(044) 2567-2790

Objective | TN EMIS Portal

Teachers can take advantage of e-learning by signing up on the TN EMIS Teachers Platform for online training courses. Students’ ability to learn is boosted by using modern technology. Interactive videos, online course information, different practice and simulation resources, and mock tests are all available to students on various study-related topics. TN EMIS New Version provides standard-compliant e-learning, guidance, practical resources, films, interactions, simulations, online courses, training modules, and much more.

How TN EMIS School Portal Works?

  • TN EMIS – Education Management System is a centralized database system of the Tamilnadu government, which stores data of all students, staff & institutions.
  • If you wish to access the school-level profile, then you must have the School Code which is a unique code allotted to every school.
  • Every school is required to register on the TN EMIS School Portal. The Registration Information is sent to the headmaster of the school with the Login ID & Password.
  • Anyone can view/update the attendance of students using the TN EMIS Attendance App if they have the login credentials.
  • The timetable of the classes in the schools is also posted on the TN EMIS School Portal. All the classes mentioned in the timetable are mandatory to be held.
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What are the Advantages of the TN EMIS School Portal?

The following are a few of the many advantages of the TN EMIS School Portal:

  • Tamil Nadu’s educators now have access to a centralized database of digital materials.
  • All course information, including lesson plans, schedules, announcements, and study guides, are made available to students here.
  • A method of monitoring one’s career progress
  • Every teacher is assigned a unique number to use with the state’s required curriculum.

Step-by-step instructions for Emis Registration on the TN EMIS School Portal

Emis Registration | Each school has been allotted a unique identification number. Teachers can use the School Id to login into the EMIS Portal and update the relevant database with vital information. TN EMIS School Portal is an excellent digital platform to monitor the educational success of Tamilnadu without any manual paperwork.

  • Each school in Tamilnadu is registered on the EMIS Portal.
  • The User name & Password is provided to every school after successful registration on the portal.
  • You must contact any one of the administrators listed below in order to access the TN EMIS Website:
    • District Education Officer (DEO): Officer of Education for the District: Like the CEO and BEO, the DEO ensures all schools run smoothly and efficiently but must follow the district’s inspection processes.
    • School Principal/Headmaster: The principal or Headmaster of a school is responsible for overseeing the school’s daily operations, including the supervision of staff and students.
    • The HM of each school can issue login passwords to instructors working there.
    • Block Education Officer (BEO): The Block Education Officer (BEO) monitors the block’s educational institutions once the inspection has been completed.
    • Chief Education Officer (CEO): After an inspection, the district’s Chief Education Officer (CEO) is responsible for monitoring all of the schools in the system.

How To Login to TN EMIS School Portal?

You must follow the steps listed below to log in to TN EMIS School Portal:

  • First Step: Visit the TN EMIS Official Website @
  • Second Step: On the homepage, your computer screen will display the TN EMIS Login Page.
  • Third Step: You must enter your username and password on the TN EMIS Login Page.
  • Final Step: Click the Login button to access your registered account.

How to reset a Lost TN EMIS Password?

You must follow the steps listed below to reset a forgotten TN EMIS Password:

  • First Step: Visit the TN EMIS Website @
  • Second Step: On the homepage, click on the Forgot Password option from the login tab.
  • Now, you will be redirected to a new page, where you must choose the User Type.
    • School
    • Teacher
  • After selecting the appropriate user, you need to enter your user name.
  • Then, You must click on the Submit Request button.
  • Your New Password will be delivered to your registered email address after successful authorization from your BRTE/Block coordinator.