The Fox and The Crow Short Story With Moral For Kids

“The Fox and The Crow” is a story that many kids and adults love. It’s about a smart fox and a crow who finds a piece of cheese. Set in a beautiful forest, this story teaches a very important lesson through an interesting event between the two characters. It’s a great tale for kids because it’s told in a simple and fun way, making it easy to understand the lesson it wants to share about being careful with flattery and praise.

The Fox and The Crow Short Story: A Lesson on Flattery

In a forest, a crow found a piece of cheese and flew to a tree branch to eat it. A fox, wanting the cheese for himself, complimented the crow on her beauty and voice, asking her to sing. Flattered, the crow sang, dropping the cheese, which the fox quickly grabbed. The fox thanked the crow for the cheese and reminded her that not all praise is true. This story teaches us to be careful with flattery and to understand that sometimes, people might say nice things to us because they want something we have. It’s a reminder to think about the intentions behind people’s words and to value genuine friendship and honesty.

The Fox and The Crow Short Story With Moral For Kids
The Fox and The Crow Short Story With Moral For Kids

The Fox and The Crow Full Story in Detail

One bright morning, a crow found a piece of cheese. Excited by her find, she flew up to a high branch to enjoy it in peace. But her luck was about to be tested by a cunning fox. The fox who was passing by smelled the cheese and looked up to see where the delightful aroma was coming from. He saw the crow with the cheese.

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Seeing an opportunity, the fox thought of a clever plan to trick the crow and snatch the cheese away. He called out to her in a sweet, friendly voice, “Hello, beautiful crow! How splendid you look today, perched so elegantly on that branch. And I’ve heard stories about your voice being the sweetest of all. Could you sing a song for me? I’m sure it’s as lovely as you are.”

The crow, flattered by the fox’s words, forgot all about the cheese in her beak. She thought to herself, “Maybe I really have the sweetest voice. Why not sing a song and show him?” Wanting to prove the fox right and bask in his praise, she took a deep breath, ready to sing her best.

But the moment she opened her mouth, the cheese fell from her beak, tumbling down straight into the fox’s waiting mouth. The fox, delighted with his success, said, “Thank you, dear crow, for the tasty cheese. Remember, not everyone who flatters you is a friend. It’s wise not to fall for sweet words so easily.”

With that lesson learned, the crow watched as the fox disappeared into the forest with the cheese. She sat on the branch, wiser but a little sadder, realizing the truth in the fox’s words.

This simple tale teaches us the importance of being cautious with flattery. Not all praise is honest, and sometimes, people might use sweet words to trick us into giving them what they want. It’s a reminder to think carefully about the intentions behind the compliments we receive.

Moral of The Fox and The Crow Short Story

The story of “The Fox and The Crow” teaches us not to let flattery cloud our judgment. Sometimes, people might say nice things to us not because they truly mean them but because they want something from us. Just like the crow, who was tricked into giving away her cheese because she wanted to be praised, we might also lose something important if we blindly trust flattering words.

It’s important to remember that true friends are honest and sincere. They praise us when we do well and offer constructive criticism to help us grow. We should appreciate genuine compliments but always be mindful and think about why someone is flattering us, especially if they want something in return.

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By learning from the crow’s mistake, we can be smarter in our interactions with others, valuing sincerity over superficial praise. This lesson helps us navigate our relationships more wisely, ensuring we keep our trust in those who genuinely care for us.


What is the main lesson of “The Fox and The Crow” short story?

The main lesson is to be cautious of flattery and to understand that not all praise is genuine, as some may use it to deceive others for their own gain.

Why did the crow lose the cheese?

The crow lost the cheese because it was swayed by the fox’s flattery and opened its mouth to sing, causing the cheese to fall.

How did the fox manage to get the cheese?

The fox used flattery to trick the crow into singing, which led to the crow dropping the cheese.

Can “The Fox and The Crow” teach kids about wisdom?

Yes, this English story short with moral is an excellent way to teach children about the value of wisdom, critical thinking, and the dangers of being misled by flattery.

Is “The Fox and The Crow” relevant for today’s children?

Absolutely. The story teaches timeless lessons about the importance of discerning sincerity in praise, which is a valuable skill in today’s world.

Summary of The Fox and The Crow Short Story

“The Fox and The Crow” is a timeless fable that brings to life the pitfalls of vanity and the importance of being cautious with those who offer flattery. This English story short with moral not only entertains but also imparts a crucial lesson on wisdom and discernment. Its simplicity and relatability make it a cherished tale among children, especially in India, serving as a gentle yet powerful reminder of the importance of understanding the intentions behind others’ words.