Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story With Moral For Kids

In the lush village of Vrindavan, there is a famous story about young Krishna and a dangerous snake named Kaliya. This story, known as “Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story,” is a favourite among children for its exciting adventure and deep lessons. It tells how Krishna bravely dealt with Kaliya, who had poisoned the Yamuna River, causing harm to all who lived nearby. Through this story, children learn about bravery, wisdom, and the importance of taking care of the environment.

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Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story: A Lesson in Bravery and Wisdom

In the vibrant land of Vrindavan, young Krishna faced a great challenge when he encountered Kaliya, a dangerous serpent poisoning the Yamuna River. The villagers were terrified, and the river’s creatures suffered greatly. Boldly, Krishna confronted Kaliya by jumping into the river and engaging the snake. Krishna danced on Kaliya’s head, displaying divine powers, subduing him with his weight and the rhythmic force of his dance.

Overwhelmed by pain and realizing his defeat, Kaliya pleaded for mercy. Krishna, showing compassion, commanded Kaliya to leave the river and move to the ocean, sparing his life on the condition that he never harm others again. The river was purified, and the villagers celebrated Krishna’s courage and wisdom, learning the importance of protecting nature and showing kindness even to foes.

Krishna And Kaliya Snake Full Story

In the lush, vibrant lands of Vrindavan, where the air buzzed with the laughter of children and the chirping of birds, a story of courage and wisdom unfolded—one that would be told for generations. This tale, known as “Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story,” centres around young Krishna, a beloved figure of bravery and divine power.

Krishna And Kaliya Snake Full Story With Moral For Kids
Krishna And Kaliya Snake Full Story With Moral For Kids

On a particularly warm day, Krishna and his cowherd friends decided to play by the banks of the Yamuna River. The river, once clear and inviting, had turned dark and venomous, striking fear into the heart of the village. The cause of this transformation was Kaliya, a massive serpent with numerous hoods who had made the river his home. The poison from Kaliya’s fangs had seeped into the river, making the waters lethal to plants, animals, and humans alike.

As the children played, their ball accidentally fell into the river. Without a moment’s hesitation, Krishna volunteered to retrieve it. Ignoring the warnings of his friends, he jumped gracefully into the poisoned waters. This act of defiance did not go unnoticed by the serpent Kaliya, who was disturbed by the ripples in his domain.

Kaliya emerged from the depths of the river with his hoods flaring and eyes burning with rage. He confronted Krishna, hissing fiercely, “Who dares to disturb my waters and challenge my authority?”

Unshaken, Krishna responded with calmness and authority, “Kaliya, your poison has brought suffering to the creatures of Vrindavan. You must leave this river and stop harming innocent lives.”

Enraged by this challenge, Kaliya attacked Krishna, intending to crush him with his powerful coils. But Krishna was no ordinary child; he was divine. He quickly freed himself from Kaliya’s grasp and leapt onto the serpent’s head. What followed was nothing short of miraculous. Krishna began to dance on Kaliya’s head, his feet tapping out a rhythm divine in its force and elegance. With each step, his weight became unbearable for Kaliya, who writhed in pain and exhaustion under the divine dance.

As Krishna danced, Kaliya’s wives saw the suffering of their husbands and pleaded with Krishna, “Please, spare our husband. He will no longer poison the waters. He has learned his lesson.”

Moved by their pleas and seeing Kaliya’s submission, Krishna paused. He looked into the serpent’s eyes and said, “Kaliya, go to the ocean where no human or animal will be harmed by your poison. Live there, and let peace return to the Yamuna.”

Defeated and humbled, Kaliya realized the greatness of Krishna and agreed to leave the river and all its inhabitants in peace. The villagers, who had gathered to see the commotion, rejoiced as the river once again flowed pure and clear. They celebrated Krishna’s victory with songs and dances, praising his bravery and wisdom.

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Krishna, with a humble smile, reminded everyone, “Protecting our nature is our duty. We must ensure that our rivers, our forests, and all forms of life are respected and preserved.”

Moral of Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story

The moral of this story is profound yet simple. It teaches us the importance of courage in the face of adversity and the power of compassion. Krishna’s encounter with Kaliya not only restored the ecological balance but also reinforced the values of forgiveness and respect for all life forms. This narrative, rich in cultural and spiritual significance, continues to teach children the virtues of bravery, wisdom, and environmental stewardship.


What is the main lesson from the “Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story”?

The primary lesson from the story is about courage and righteousness. Krishna demonstrates bravery and a strong sense of justice by confronting Kaliya, thus teaching us the importance of standing up against wrongdoing and protecting the environment.

How did Krishna manage to defeat Kaliya, the snake?

Krishna defeated Kaliya through a display of divine power. He danced on the serpent’s heads with such force and grace that Kaliya, overwhelmed and in pain, surrendered and agreed to leave the river, thus stopping his harmful actions.

What did Krishna do after Kaliya surrendered?

After Kaliya surrendered, Krishna showed him mercy by sparing his life on the condition that he would leave the Yamuna river and move to the ocean, where he could live without harming others.

What does Krishna’s victory over Kaliya teach children?

Krishna’s victory teaches children about the importance of bravery and the positive impact of standing up for what is right. It also highlights the significance of taking care of our natural resources, as Krishna saves the river and its inhabitants from the poison.

How can this story be used educationally in schools or at home?

The story can be used to spark discussions about moral values such as courage, justice, and mercy. It can also be integrated into lessons about environmental stewardship and the impact of pollution on ecosystems. Additionally, it provides a cultural education by introducing children to Indian mythology and the stories that are part of India’s rich cultural heritage.

Summary of Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story

“Krishna And Kaliya Snake Short Story” is a profound narrative that teaches children about the power of righteousness and the importance of environmental conservation. Through the engaging tale of young Krishna’s confrontation with Kaliya, children learn valuable lessons on courage, mercy, and the benefits of living harmoniously with nature. This story remains a favourite in the treasure trove of Indian mythology, inspiring generations with its deep moral roots and captivating storytelling.